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We are excited and grateful to collaborate with you on projects, initiatives, actions, speaking events, publications, exhibitions, and beyond. Please get in touch below to start a conversation with our members. 

We welcome one-time requests to republish and/or translate our work, as well as inquiries about content sharing partnerships. Please get in touch below before republishing and/or translating, attribute the text to its original author(s), and provide a link to the original article. For guidelines on use and distribution of Lausan graphics and photography, see here.

Volunteer designers, illustrators, photographers, and video editors

We are looking for visual storytellers who are interested in contributing to our editorial production, organizing projects, and day-to-day social media content. Volunteers will work closely with our design and editorial leads in creating feature images, illustrations, promotional graphics, and other types of digital content.

Please briefly describe your background and experience, and if possible, attach a portfolio website that contains samples of your current and previous work.

Pitches and submissions

We are accepting pitches and submissions for original and translated writing. Pitches can take Hong Kong as a starting point of analysis, or can focus on other relevant sites for the analysis of US and/or Asian imperialisms. For original work, please submit a two paragraph pitch highlighting your argument and what type of intervention you aim to make.

Get in touch

We receive a high volume of messages. As we are a 100% volunteer-run collective, we may not be able to respond right away.

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Email is often the fastest way to reach us: lausanhk [at] gmail