About Lausan

Members of Lausan Collective came together in 2019 in order to translate and amplify left interventions in Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Bill movement. We saw the need for a platform for critical left voices in the city’s ongoing movement for self-determination and the possibilities of connecting it with other liberatory uprisings across the world. 

Our name reflects this commitment to the long-term work of contributing to the enduring but often marginalized tradition of Hong Kong’s leftist activists, writers and organizers: 傘 (“san”) is the character for umbrella, referencing our ongoing critical engagement with Hong Kong’s social movements. 流傘 is also a homophone of 流散 (decentralized/diaspora), referencing our dispersal across the world. 

Our transnational work centering on Hong Kong has also brought us into contact with others across Asia who also resist authoritarianism and neoliberalism. This has made regional solidarity a long-running aspect of our work and we aim to continue providing a space for political discussion and international solidarity with ongoing struggles in Hong Kong and its diasporas from a radical left perspective. 

We also aim to articulate new connections with multiple, global arenas of struggle, including Indigenous liberation, Asian diasporic politics, and racial justice, decolonial and abolition movements. Because of the breadth of our work, we see a need to maintain an independent, non-sectarian platform to analyze the plurality of grassroots mass movements building alternatives to limiting state-centered frameworks including the nationalist response to today’s so-called “New Cold War.” Instead of relying on any party or state media reporting of these movements, our goal is to provide realistic assessments of material conditions, which we believe can form the basis for international, grassroots, and practice-based left solidarity across Asia and its diasporas.

This commitment to non-state-centered opposition means that we view the present contradictions of advanced capital as defined by the valorization of states that oppose the hegemony of the U.S. not through liberatory or socialist means, but through their own imperialist, militarist, and capitalist practices. The result is a complex reality of simultaneous competition and collaboration dictated by the demands of the global market, which sees capital unevenly enlist nation-states from centers and peripheries alike to perpetuate colonial and neo-colonial hierarchies—from race and caste, to sex, gender, and class divisions. We can see this most clearly in today’s displacement of capital from centers, onto BRICS nations, and further into peripheral nations that were once part of the Third World bloc. 

Some commentators have rationalized the exorbitant human costs of settler colonialism and capitalist hyper-exploitation through resurgent discourses of neo-statism and nationalism, arguing that they are necessary practices to maintain state sovereignty amidst deepening military tensions. This demonstrates the endurance of capitalist value production, accumulation, and the market at the core of the social order of “actually existing socialism.” At once these activists claim to stand on the socialist side, with “the people,” while simultaneously downplaying the suffering of those in global peripheries who are being churned through the gears of stagist developmentalism and the building of productive forces.

We at Lausan see these human wages as non-trivial. 

We begin our outward-facing analysis from Hong Kong because its structured non-sovereignty means that it is an apt site from which to understand imperialism, nationalism, capitalist hyper-exploitation, and the nation-state form on a global scale. Because our work is international in scope, we believe radical anti-capitalist futures must center cross-border solidarities based on class struggle, climate justice, migrant justice, anti-racism, and feminism—for everyone, everywhere.

We are 100% independent and volunteer-run.


“流傘”(Lausan Collective)成員於2019年聚集在一起,旨在翻譯和放大左翼對於香港反送中運動的介入。我們看到這場持續的自決運動需要一個平台來承載批判性的左翼聲音,也看到將其與世界各地其他解放起義相連接的可能性。

我們團體的名字反映了這種長期工作的承諾,即為香港左翼活動家、作家和組織者持久但常常邊緣化的傳統做出貢獻。「傘」取自雨傘,意味著我們對於香港民主自決運動的相互反思與批判。「流傘」也是 「流散」的諧音,除了體現我們跨國離散的處境,還隱喻反建制抗爭中去中心化之原則。




一些評論家通過重新出現的新國家主義(neo-statism)和民族主義話語,將定居者殖民主義(settler colonialism)和資本主義超級剝削高昂的人類代價合理化,認為這是在不斷加深的軍事緊張局勢中維護國家主權的必要做法。這表明資本主義的價值生產、積累和市場在“實際存在的社會主義”社會秩序核心中是持久的。這些活動家聲稱他们站在社會主義一邊,與“人民”站在一起,但同時又淡化全球邊緣地區人民的痛苦,無視階段性發展主義(stagist developmentalism)和生產力建設的齒輪對後者的絞殺。作為“流傘”成員,我們認為這些人類代價是重大的。



Graphic: spf.pdf for Lausan.